At JOBST® Compression Institute, we’re glad to help as many people as possible learn about the benefits of compression therapy and how compression garments improve life for people with lymphedema and venous disease. That’s why our videos are available in multiple languages. Simply click the video to view it.

JOBST Confidence - Contour Fit

JOBST® Confidence – The next-generation of made-to-measure flat-knit compression garments - YouTubeJOBST Confidence: Compression for those who love to move freely! Experience the difference that a personally refined fit can bring to your daily comfort. Developed with Contour Fit technology, JOBST Confidence precisely fit the individual anatomical shape of your body. This unique fit supports a greater freedom of movement and comfort in your daily activities. Designed for mild to moderate lymphedema and lipedema – discover more about JOBST Confidence on our website