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As the global leader in compression therapy, JOBST® is dedicated to providing integrated therapy solutions for the treatment and management of venous and lymphatic diseases.


Quick and efficient order processing via various outlets is available.  Phone, fax, email, online, whatever suits you best!  
Phone: (800) 537-1063
Fax: (800) 835-4325
Email: [email protected]

JOBST Farrow Orders: [email protected]
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Ready-to-Wear eShop: http://bsneshop.us

Customer Service

Knowledgeable customer and product services representatives are standing by to assist you. To reach a team member expertly trained in venous diseases and associated compression therapies, you can email [email protected]. To contact a team member specifically devoted to lymphatic therapy and the associated compression therapies, please email [email protected]. For general inquiries, please call 1-800-537-1063.

Product Support

JOBST has dedicated product experts that provide customized education and trainings. Through global and national conference and workshops, JOBST brings together clinical experts to foster professional knowledge exchange while furthering research in the field of compression therapy. Educational classes and multi-media trainings are available to increase understanding and skill expertise. For a full listing of available classes, visit Training

JOBST Warranty

All JOBST products are warranted to be free of material or workmanship defects. Any defective merchandise will be repaid or replaced at the discretion of BSN, and Essity Company. Please review the policy document if you have questions.